Trend Rider Setup


System Designed for Traders Facing Losses

We designed this system for Traders who are Facing losses, the aim of this system is to take less but high probable trades. It’s a pure index setup, based primarily on taking high probability option selling trades and Fut trades.

The best part is the minimum capital requirement for this system is Rs. 2,00,000/-

To increase the confidence of you guys and faith in us we will take the trades along with you guys to maintain absolute transparency and trust. Everyday we will be sharing the trades and PNL live.

It’s a swing + intraday setup, with trades having a defined stop loss at all times. We Provide 3-month free access to our mentees who enrolled in our webinar.

On public demand, we also started a Paid Telegram Group where we share trades that we take with logic and charts ! So it’s like an Earn & Learn thing. If you guys are interested, you guys can enroll yourselves by clicking on the link [Here]

We Will Open This System To The Public In AUGUST 2022


  • This curve live tracks the Profit and Loss of the system.
  • Starting Capital: 2 Lakhs
  • Start Date: March 2022


This curve shows the NAV of the system till date. In Simple Words, if 100Rs. were invested in this system, what its worth is right now.

When we launch this system, we promise it to launch it with a subscription fee that’s going to be affordable for all.

Our Aim is to get the traders who have been scammed by various mentors/trainers, or who have blown up their capital and are in a deep financial mess out of losses and get their life back on track.

Till then take care guys, Trade Responsibly.

– The Chartians