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Course Objective:

This course will teach you how technical analysis can be used to make money in the market. There will be a lot of unlearning that you will have to do.  There will be new teachings that will take place that will surprise you. Prior Misconceptions/ beliefs about the market will be solved/debunked. This course will focus on chart reading (Price Action) mainly. How to view charts the proper way. Setups that we use will be shared.


Course Content:

  • Basics about the Market.    (You will be surprised about the various wrong beliefs retail traders have)
  • How to Read/View Charts both for Intraday and Swing. [We will go in depth on this as we see not many are able to read charts properly and twitter is filled with a lot of wrong ways to read charts. You are going to be astonished in this session. We believe so!]
  • Tools that we use that are freely available to download will be shared.
  • Custom made Scanners that make our Stock Selection process easy-peasy! [Free ]
  • Long session for Index Trading (Nifty & Banknifty).     (We know you like our Crazy Accurate Index Views)
  • Our Past performance using all of the above learnings.
  • Risk-Management.
  • Psychology.    (very, very very important)
  • 2 Months of Handholding where we will focus on you and only you. Separate Telegram group will be created.
  • 2 Groups will be created ,in one group we will share our personal trades and 2nd group for Mentee Discussions.
  • Lifetime Free Access will be given to the Mentee Discussion group
  • Live M2M records will be shared of the accounts we handle.
  • Every weekend 1 session on what we traded. How we traded and how to go about next week. (For the entire 2 months).
  • Sessions will be recorded. Access to recordings will also be given.
  • You will be granted 3 Month Free Access to our proprietary Setup Trades. [Live Performance Tracking]
  • All the trades will be shared live and we will be trading along with you guys.
  • This setup is also best for Office Goers who are unable to give screen time.
  • Everyday Order Screenshot immediatedly and Live PNL will be shared post market. So everything will be kept transparent.
  • Many traders are riddled with losses and many traders after attending webinars don’t become immediately profitable. With this setup, you guys will have profits coming in during your learning phase itself.
  • We don’t believe any Mentors in India have the balls to do live trading along with Mentees.
Minimum Capital Requirement | 1.5 Lakhs for this Setup. FNO Segment should be activated. Only for Trend Rider Setup.

Course Duration:

This entire course should take 5-6 sessions of 4 hours each.

Course Duration : 1 Month

Handholding : 2 Months

Sessions will be kept on weekends. Every Saturday or Sunday in the afternoon 3 or 4 PM. It is merely impossible to teach everything about the markets in one session of 4 hours, hence we have spread out the sessions to 3 months so that we don’t overwhelm you guys with stuff and you understand things very clearly.

We will have a separate hour for doubt clearing after the end of each session. The course will be in Hinglish [ English + Hindi ].

You guys don’t have to buy any paid software or paid subscriptions of any kind. All will be free.

Course Date & Time :

The Course will be held on April 30th, 2022   

Time : 3PM Onwards on ZOOM.

Last Date for Registration will be  27th April, 2022 or till Seats Last.

Course Fees :

  • Rs.7999/- (Early Bird Offer)
  • Regular Price : Rs.9999/-

Who should take this course ?

  • New Traders  (2020-2021) that want to learn Chart Reading/ Technical Analysis.
  • Traders / Investors with capital of above 30,000 Rs can be a part of it.
  • Anyone who has Zero knowledge about Stock Markets and wants to earn some bucks.
  • Anyone who is passionate about markets.
  • Anyone who wants to take up Trading as a Full-time Career.
  • Prior experience is not necessary. You will learn the best and simplest ways to learn.
  • Traders who are facing losses and don’t know what is going wrong.

Who should not take this course?

  • People after Tips.
  • People after Holy-Grail Setups.
  • People who have already acquired enough knowledge.

Surprise Mini Sessions:

We will conduct surprise mini sessions on investing and long-term wealth creation. Once in a month.

Steps to Enroll :

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Wait for the Confirmation email [you shall receive it within 2 days of payment] & That's it you are done!

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UPI: [email protected]

Bank Name: DBS Bank
Account Name : Yash Ashok Mehta
Account Number: 881040363516


Alternatively ,You can Scan the QR code too.

 In case the payment fails DM us on @chartiansreports on Telegram. Thanks!

All questions regarding payment issues or anything more you would like to enquire about this webinar mail us on [email protected]

Disclaimer: You and Us both know that after attending this webinar you are not going to suddenly start making money. Hence we are doing the 2 month handholding unlike other trainers who just take a webinar and get out of your way. Trading is a skill gained after spending a lot of time in the market following the correct methods that we will be sharing. The idea of this webinar is to shorten your learning curve.

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Last Date for Enrollment 27th April,2022!

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Also Consult your financial advisor before taking any decision. We are not SEBI registered.
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