Simplifying Charting. One Chart At A Time.

Backed by 5+ Years of Experience in this Market.

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Who we are?

Team Of Bull, Bear & Chartists

Trading / Investing Since 5+ Years. We are Pure Chartists. We Love Charts.

Stock Picks
We actively post stock charts that can move up or down in coming days. Don't Miss them okay?
Live Market Picks
We post live market breakouts, trades as and when they happen live on our Telegram Channel.
Research Reports
Reports Backed by Mad research of Fundamentals and Technicals for Short/Mid/Long Term Holdings.
Our Offering

Our Paid Offerings

Our Offering

Learn A to Z of Stock Market

Free bite-size research articles about investing, trading strategies, hacks, tips about trading widely followed across the market that generate wealth.

Intraday Trading
Swing Trading
Options Trading
Investments 101

Learn , Earn & Trade With Us.

Clean Charts
We post some of the Cleanest Charts in the Market. Easy to understand for everyone.
Learning Threads
We actively post learning threads on our twitter handle. To help our fellow chartian family.
Diversified Team
We have Bulls and Bears in our team. Such diversification of opinions make us Opportunists.


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You Guys are Awesome!

Vinodh Rathi
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Your pick will give me more conviction to hold in corrections. Keep up the good work!

Malav Panchal
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Was looking for something like this.. glad that I found you.. hope this turns out into a long-term relationship

Balaji Prabhakaran
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You guys are doing a great job.

Amit Sajwan
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Please accept my thanks to you and your entire team behind the chartians. The selfless service for making everyone earn by sharing your ideas and knowledge free of cost is much appreciable sir. God bless you and your team always

Datta Yalsangiker
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